"But the Twentieth Century Will Be Happy": Writing Historical Fandoms 201

We've had a lot of panels about research; this panel is for talking about the problems that more research doesn't solve: How to write that story that goes AU from historical canon, when only ten people in fandom will spot the divergence point? What about the historical AU of your historical canon? How to bring new readers in your tiny fandom up to speed without boring everyone who already knows the background? Or to pin down a canon that doesn't seem to know what year it takes place? What about older canons that were historical fiction when they were made—and the study of history has moved on? Or canons that were futuristic—and actual history has moved on? This panel is all about the squishy space between what your research says, what the reader knows, and what the canon believes about history.

Sorry, you can't attend this event! If you should be able to, please contact us!