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Registration is OPEN!
21 Mar 2023, 1 p.m.

Registration is now open for CON.TXT 2023!

CON.TXT 2023

CON.TXT is a fan-run media convention where we celebrate and critique media and fandom. However you participate in fandom and however long you've been here, you are invited to talk, listen, hang out, dance, play games, and more.

Join us for CON.TXT 2023 held online the weekend of June 23–25, 2023!

Check out the FAQ if you'd like to learn more!

Code of Conduct

CON.TXT is dedicated to being a safer, welcoming, and enjoyable space for everyone. All attendees are responsible for following our Code of Conduct.


Convention-wide Content Notes Policy

CON.TXT requires content notes for vids screened at official CON.TXT events. For the CON.TXT vid show, the vid committee will also list additional content notes if provided by the vidder, as described in the Nonstandard Content Notes section. VJs for panel vidshows are required to use convention-wide content notes but may have a different approach to including additional content notes.

Please click below to read the full content notes policy.