Accessibility Policy

CON.TXT strives to provide an accessible environment for all attendees, online as well as in person. There will be a live captioning tool available in all main Zoom rooms (but not in breakout rooms) and all premiering vids will have subtitles. 

We ask mods and VJs to help us foster this environment by following our guidelines on creating accessible programming.

We ask all attendees to do the same by following these policies for participation: 

  1. Follow moderator guidance on when you should be muted, where to chat, and how to share questions and comments. If the moderator doesn't offer guidance: 
    • Keep your microphone muted when you are not speaking.
    • Use the Raise Hand feature if you have a question or comment and wait to unmute until you are called on.
  2. State your badge name before speaking so that everyone can follow the discussion.
  3. Don't use emoji in your Discord user name and avoid using large blocks of emoji.
  4. Don't use rapidly flashing GIFs.

If you would like to inform us of an accessibility need before or during the convention, please get in touch with the Safety team. We may not be able to address all requests for 2023, but we will do our best to accommodate requests going forward.