Privacy Policy

We have attempted to make the CON.TXT online spaces as secure as is practical, but we cannot guarantee privacy to the degree we can in an offline space. We ask attendees to be especially respectful of each other’s names, pseudonyms, and other personal information. Our Code of Conduct prohibits behavior we consider violations of privacy. All attendees are expected to adhere to it.

We only collect and store information necessary for running the con (your online handle and email addresses). We store this data in a private Google Workspace. We store some of this information on Airtable. We use third-party apps (Paypal and Stripe) to process financial data.  

We are using three online platforms for CON.TXT 2023, and all have published privacy policies that we recommend you read: ConlineDiscord, and Zoom.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your data, please email us.

If you have concerns about your privacy during the convention, or about any other behavior that contravenes the Code of Conduct—or that you’re concerned about for some other reason—you can make a report to the Safety team.

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